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Addélice mentioned on Twitter technical data about their new thermal immersion circulator

by on Jul.08, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories, General Topics


Addélice twitted yesterday and mentioned some new information about their immersion circulator to be released mid-August.

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • PID temperature control
  • Precision ≤ 0.2ºC
  • heating power 2.000 Watt
  • Timer function
  • Overheating protection and low water level protection
  • Acoustic and optical alert
  • Circulation pump

Addélice mentions on its online shop that their sous vide appliance will be price competitive…

Here a picture taken from their site supposed to represent Addélice immersion circulator…maybe a protection grid?



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Today I received my Julabo thermal immersion circulator!

by on Jul.07, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories


Summer holidays started some days ago and, as promised, a University professor provided me with a old immersion circulator. He confirmed this thermal circulator has not been used with dangerous chemical or bio stuff.

Nevertheless the appliance was looking dirty with a sort of sediment all over the immersed parts. I took time to clean it gently. Here are the pics of my new toy!

So far I only checked if the Julabo was working well and plugged it to my water bath and set the temperature at 58°C.
The water pump is noisy and very powerful. I think it could cause a problem if using a small pan instead of my high water capacity water bath. The Julabo EC heated my 20 litres water bath in some minutes (the manual indicates 2,000 watts) which is noticeable compared to the 20 minutes waiting time for the gas stove, halogen stove and water bath former ous vide cooking experiments.


The only drawback of Julabo EC immersion circulator is the way to set temperature. You have to turn a wheel to set the temperature but their is a gap between the actual temperature indicated on the screen and the one set on the wheel. Therefore you need to adjust manually the weel to fix the target temperature appearing on the screen. It seems this problem doesn’t exist anymore with Julabo’s last EC version.
This version of the Julabo doesn’t benefit from a float switch which is a security problem if you want to cook for long time periods.



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Pork ribs 24 hours sous vide cooking with SousVideMagic 1500B

by on Jun.29, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories


Yesterday I bought in supermarket pork ribs and found interesting 24 hours pork ribs cooking recipes on internet. As soon as my girl friend came back home I share with her my excitment doing a 24 hours cooking experiment! Unfortunately I was brought down to earth since my girl friend said she was scarred the SousVideMagic could burn during our sleep! I tried to explain that thousands of people experimented 24 hours sous vide cooking recipes and that Fresh Meal Solution appliance was reliable…but she didn’t see reason.

On the other hand she is a bit right. The risk of fire is expressly underlined in Fresh Meal Solutions’ manual when the thermometer probe is taken off the rice cooker or is out of work.  This point is a major drawback of SousVideMagic equipment, no float switch (in case all water evaporated) or excess temperature protection is available. These kinds of protections are usually provided in thermal or immersion circulators.

Hooo come on….I want to try anyway! Do i have to do sous vide cooking on the sly? Will this blog lead me to a divorce ;-) ?


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Addélice, a new Immersion Circulator Manufacturer entering the sous vide cooking market?

by on Jun.24, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories

Such information is so rare on the sous vide cooking “planet” that it mustn’t go unnoticed.

Immersion circulator manufacturer are historically laboratories equipment suppliers. Some of these suppliers have slightly adapted their thermal circulators to comply with sous vide cooking needs (refer to list and price comparison of immersion circulators). It is true that no cook need a machine that can heat above 100°C (212°F) as only water should be used for sous vide cookery. Some immersion circulators can even heat liquids at 200 or 300°C (392-572°F)!
Nevertheless the design of these machines dates back to the eighties and lab equipment manufacturers still have the “monopoly” of the sous vide cooking market.

It seems things are changing and, if the information is true, a new supplier enters the small club of sous vide cooking manufacturers. Contrary to some companies that only relabelled others products, Addélice seems to have designed its own immersion circulator. Addélice internet site is not very talkative
sous-vide-cooking-org-cookery-equipment-immersion-circulator-thermal-circulator-addelicebut indicates that their immersion circulator is a pure product from Addélice and will be price competitive. Addélice immersion circulator should be released mid August.

Wait and see…


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Julabo EC Immersion Circulator to be borrowed in summer holidays

by on Jun.20, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories

I put a little announcement on the French part of forum to know if someone could sell for a good price an old immersion circulator.
I received a very friendly answer from a University professor, a cooking freak, who is ok to borrow me a Julabo EC during summer holidays. He confirmed this immersion circulator was used to cultivate algae stuff. He said the appliance is safe.

I feel very lucky and thankful to this person that I unfortunately can’t name as he told me to be very discreet (he is not really allowed to borrow me this immersion circulator). 

See you in some weeks with my new toy!

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