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Sous Vide – Time and Accurate Temperature for Poultry

by on Aug.21, 2009, under Time and Accurate Temperature

Time and accurate temperature are key while cooking sous vide. I already gathered some information regarding fish sous vide but data about poultry and meat was missing. The table below contains information about poultry only (Viktor Stampfer). Time and accurate temperatures for meat will be availabe in the next post.

  Cook name Core °C Water bath °C Core Cooking Time (min.) Comments
Foie gras terinne Viktor Stampfer 54 56 20 Shape using alu foil. Refrigerate 24Hrs.
Quail breast Viktor Stampfer 64 68 (72 HACCP) 20 Fry in foaming butter and oil
Breat of Bresse Pigeon Viktor Stampfer 64 68 (72 HACCP) 20 Fry in foaming butter and oil
Chicken breats Viktor Stampfer 71 72 40 Fry in butter
Coq au vin Viktor Stampfer 71 71 1 Hr  
Duck breast Viktor Stampfer 65 (71 HACCP) 68 (72 HACCP) 45 fry in olive oil
Malasa chicken Viktor Stampfer 71 72 40 Fry in hot ghee
Guinea fowl leg Viktor Stampfer 72 72 72 Hrs  
Breast of Guinea fowl Viktor Stampfer 71 72 35  


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  • Dominique

    Hello, I just discovered your blog, which I think is very informative about sous-vide cooking. Do you have any experience with cooking foie gras sous vide to be eaten warm? I tried both the time and temperatures of Keller & Rocca and in both cases ended with an horrible looking melted blob instead of the beautifull slices pictured in their books (it tasted ok though but not better than traditionaly grilled foie gras and looked a lot worse). Looking forward to your answer and thank you for your blog to witch I will subscribe.

  • Jean-François


    Thank you very much.
    Unfortunately I did not try foie gras sous vide so far. This is an excellent idea. I am in contact with some French cooks on the French part of this blog (each post is translated in French) and I already asked them information. Give me some time to work on this subject and you can be sure I’ll try and comment my experiments on this.
    By the way, foie gras is at the origin of the sous vide technic. It would be a pity not to try it!!


  • Jean-François


    I just experimented foie gras sous vide. I took of the veines of the foie gras (very difficult, was my first time), seasoned it with salt (13 g per kilo) and pepper (3g per kilo) a bit of cognac. I rolled the foie gras in a food grade wrapping film plastic and put the whole stuff in a pouch I vacuumed. Cooking temperature is 58°C during 45 to 50 minutes. I chilled it with iced water and now put it inside the fridge.
    I’ll make a post in some days about the final result.


  • Reonb

    I find all of your recommended temperatures far too hot. For example you mentioned 68 deg. C for the Duck breast. I prefer to cook at 54 deg C for 3 hrs – it gives a much better result.

  • Ryan

    I agree, all these temps are far too high. Chicken breast at 71°? Why bother with sous-vide at that temp. 60° for an hour is perfect.

  • John Doty

    72 hours for Guinea fowl legs seems like a very long time. What is the reasoning?

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