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FreshMealsMagic (Sous Vide Bubbler + SousVideMagic 1500D) Review

by on Jul.04, 2010, under Equipments & Accessories

In June 2009 I purchased the SousVideMagic 1500B and my review was globally very positive.
In August 2009 FreshMealsSolutions spread the information about a new product, a “Bubbler” called FreshMealsMagic (FMM). Prior to the launch of the FMM, this new device has been commented in this post.
I also have to admit that I was doubting on the capability of the FMM to stabilize in an accurate way a waterbath.

The core product of FreshMealsSolutions is the SousVideMagic PID controller (now the 1500D version). In my opinion, the main improvement of this PID controller version is the 2nd digital screen (green screen on the above picture). Setting the temperature and the cooking time becomes easier and “readable”.  A second screen indicating the cooking time is a function that is strangely not implemented on most Immersion Circulators.

The bubbler (FMM) can be summarized as a heater element together with a probe and a hose expulsing air. The FMM replaces the usual ricecooker plugged to the SousVideMagic. Therefore the FMM offers the possibility to use pots of any size. Potentially the FMM and the SVM become highly versatile.

The Bubbler solution (contrary to immersion circulators that are using a circulation pump) needs a new device to pulse the air: a small air pump (see on the 2 above pictures). For non American users, the input power cord and an adaptor for the pump should be purchased in you own country (approx. EUR 20 alltogether).

Bubbles generated by the pump create a significant movement in the polycarbonate container provided with the FMM kit.

I tested the temperature accuracy of the FFM together with the SousVideMagic controller. As from now I made a technical test without cooking food stuff. For that purpose I used my Thermoworks K type thermometer. The test was conclusive. I tried to find cold spots (once again this test was done without any plastic pouches) and globally the temperature was almost the same everywhere.

Regarding temperature stability: I filled the container with 12 liters of water at 35°C (starting temperature). I set the PID controller to 56°C. The SVM 1500D is 2,000 W and therefore reached the target temperature quickly. I haven’t tuned the SVM and the stability of the temperature was nevertheless very good (in the range from (55.9°C to 56.3°C).

Storing the SVM sous vide kit can be done easily in the polycabonate container provided in the kit.

To sum up:

  • This new sous vide kit makes FreshMealsSolutions entering in the world of the versatile sous vide equipments.
  • Temperature accuracy is very good (I have not especially insulated the container at the occasion of this review).
  • Temperature stability seems good but I should do futher tests cooking some food.
  • I like the possibility to check the temperature and the cooking time at the same time!
  • Main drawback: this sous vide piece of  equipemnt is composed of 3 devices and 7 cables…what a mess!

Cost of the SousVideMagic 1500D (PID Controller) + FreshMealsMagic (Bubbler):

  • SousVideMagic 1500D: USD 160
  • FreashMealsMagic: USD 140
  • Sending costs to Europe: USD 110
  • Custom duties (Europe): EUR 50
  • Input power cord and socket adaptor: approx EUR 20.

Grant total (1 EUR = 1.25 USD): approx. EUR 372 (USD 446).


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9 Comments for this entry

  • Frank Hsu

    FMM sous vide kit is a component system. Most of my users have most of the components hidden away, thus all you can see is a small hose attached to a small disc inside a pot. FMM is the ultimate unbundling of a typical sous vide cooker. The main advantage is performance, flexibility, tunability and serviceability.
    This aquarium like sous vide pot is using our eiPOT (TM) technology (Patent pending).

  • Jean-François

    Hi Frank,

    What is the eiPOT technology?


  • Frank Hsu

    eiPOT as implemented in FMM is a subset of:

    eco-intelligent Pot (eiPOT TM ) Temperature Control System



    An energy efficient method of heating and circulating liquid medium in a vessel using air bubbles to achieve precision temperature control of the liquid medium.

    Thank you for your interest.

  • Dale Prentice

    I am getting to gether a great collection of sous vide recipes in my Recipes and Blog area of the the recipes are the work of many Australian chefs yet just provide sound advice for the home cook.

    Dale Prentice

  • Paul Bowler

    Thanks Dale. I will be checking out that site…there doesnt seem to be much on Sous Vide here in Australia.

  • Peter

    I am a longtime user of the SVM and like it very much. But I have to say that the price is getting a bit too close to the new Polyscience immersion circulator and to the Addelice SWID.

  • Frank Hsu

    Hi Peter
    You are correct, FMM’s landed price in Paris is pretty close to Addelice.
    When comparing to POLYSCIENCE’s cheapest IC (SV Professional):
    SV Professional FMM
    1. 110V/1100W (no 220V yet) vs 220V/2000W.
    2. Price in USA: $799 vs $299 (not landed price)
    That’s not very close!
    FMM is totally submersible whereas Addelice SWID and SV P are only partially immersible. FMM comes with a 18L pot and SVM can be used to control other cookers.

  • Jean-François


    Polyscience SV Professional is now available at EUR 735 at Kalys shop in France (220V version)


  • walter in canada

    here is an article in a cdn national newspaper
    The food editor reviews the SousVideMagic FMM 1500 and his recent experiences

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