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FreshMealsMagic – Next Pid Controller (incl. bubbler) by Fresh Meals Solutions

by on Aug.28, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories

sous-vide-at-home-equipment-pid-controller-freshmealsmagic-freshmealsolutions-news-bubbler-coker mentioned some weeks ago fresh news about next Fresh Meal Solutions’ PID controller called Freshmealsmagic!
Fresh Meals Solutions is well known for providing the most price competitive PID controller dedicated to sous vide at home. I purchased and tested Sousvidemagic 1500B. I have to admit I was very satisfied about it.

For your information the global cost for my SousVideMagic 1500B was:

  • SousVideMagic 1500B: USD 169 + USD 25 = USD 194 incl. sending to Europe
  • Custom duties: EUR 35
  • Basic rice cooker: EUR 45
  • Input power cord and socket adaptor: approx EUR 16.

Grant total (1 EUR = 1.4 USD): approx. EUR 234 (USD 327)

This article indicates next Fresh Meals Solutions’ equipment will keep the original appliance (the PID Controller) but add a new device: an immersible bubbler.

Fresh Meals Solutions replaces the rice cooker by the built-in immersible bubbler which has 2 functions: heating the water of any kind of container and stirring water so that the heat is spread evenly in the pot.

I personally think this is a great evolution of Fresh Meals Solutions products and expect this product being sold below 200 USD. The release of this new sous vide equipment has not been disclosed to date.


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  • Einar

    This is brilliant! In essence it gives you something very close to an immersion circulator and at only half price of Addélice’s SWID, which is the cheapest real immersion circulator. I am pretty sure this device will also work with my PID from Auber, which is suspiciously similar to the one from Fresh Meal Solutions, so this will be an excellent option for enabling cooking for more people than our modestly small rice cooker can handle.

  • jean-francois

    You are right this could be a very good alternative to an immersion circulator but, in my opinion, this will not replace an immersion circulator. First because it takes more place than an immersion circulator (3 appliances and maybe 4 if the thermal probe is not included in the immersed bubbler, also 3 cables…to be compared with an immersion circulator that is only composed of 1 appliance and 1 cable), second because I am not sure that the water will be properly stirred in a long rectangle pot (the bubbles are going up only and are located vertically to the built-in immersed bubbler). The article doesn’t mention the maximum capacity of the pot that should be used with the Freshmealsmagic but It should not be comparable with an thermal circulator because of the limited capacity of the immersed bubbler.

    To sum up I would say this is a fantastic alternative to an immersion circulator, the price should be competitive as all Sousvidemagic sous vide equipments. Nevertheless the use of an immersion circulator remains the last word in sous vide.

    A big thank to Fresh Meals Solutions ( and Addélice ( offering alternative solutions to sous vide enthusiast and the possibility to purchase price competitive sous vide equipments.


  • ze

    hey jean-francois,

    as the internet’s newest reporter on sous vide cookery, be a darling and pressure SVM on a release date please. Tell them the internet demands to know.

  • Frank Hsu

    Hi Jean-Francois
    You made very valid points regarding the 3 cables and rectangular containers.
    FMM has several advantages over ICs:
    1. It weighs about 1 kg and is controlled by a Teflon hose braided with strains of 304 S/S wire for durability,food safety and appearance. Inside the hose, you will find airline and electrical wires for the immercible heater and air bubbler. Of course, we can house the sensing wire in the hose too, but feedbacks from field testing, indicate that for ease of service and maintenance, connection to other PID temperature controllers, the sensing part will not be built-in initially. This disc-like device with a tail-like hose is extremely portable. You can just drop it to any pot including the kitchen sink!! to cook sous vide.
    2. If you are using a rectangular bath you can hook up multiple FMMs to a power bar to ensure even heat distribution. FMM will come with a 18L Polycarbonate container and work quite well alone with a 24L containers (insulated). FMM is designed to maintain set SV temperature.
    3. Since we are injecting colder air into the bath, FMM will be less energy efficient than the SVM/Rice cooker approach which we think is still the preferred way for long term SV cooking. When we ship FMM, all SVMs will have a 6mm hole in the back panel so you can suck hot air from the SVM box making SVM working better at the same time. Another way to save energy is to recirculate the return air for the SV bath. Like IC’s stirrer, air bubbler will help stabilizing temperature better.
    4. There are many concerns over food safety, FMM if connected to an ozone generator will make your food safer to eat or for SV.
    Thank you all for the support and interest in SV cooking.
    PS We are not competing with ICs, we are finding more and more customers who want their expensive ICs to cook short term SV, and buy SVM/Rice cookers to cook their 48hrs ribs!! or use our products for holding pre-SV food at desired temperature in a busy restaurant ready for plating.

  • ze

    hey frank, as long as you’re here, can you drop us a hint on price and availability?

  • jean-francois


    Here is the mail Frank sent to me. I think this mail is answering to your question:

    “Hi Jean-Francois

    We are just getting into the final field testing stage and if every goes well we will go into production soon and the product will be available late October/early November in time for Christmas.
    The price will be under $150 including a 18L polycarbonate container. SousVideMagic and air pump will be optional and extra.

    Thank you for your interest.

    PS the interesting part of this product is you can use it to sanitize food items using ozone before sous viding. If you are not a sous vide fan you can also just purchase a non-heater FMM version just to sanitize fruits and vegetables. Of course you need to hook up to an ozone generator.”


  • ze

    thanks a bunch Jean-Francois, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. HOpefully they’ll sell me one without the poly container, that thing has to increase shipping like crazy. I am so gonna be an early adopter.

  • Einar

    Thanks for all the info. I agree with ze: I’d rather have the option to not have to spend extra for the 18L plastic container. I already have a 14L casserole I was planning to use, and would prefer not having to pay extra for yet another large item in our kitchen. So hope you will consider making this optional, Frank.

  • Frank Hsu

    Thank you for your valuable inputs.
    The PC container acts like a shipping box to protect all the components (SVM, FMM, air pump)during shipment. Your points are well taken and we will reconsider unbundling it.
    We will include the PC container for a special SV starter kit including world-wide shipment. Stay tuned.
    Ze and Einar, where are you located?
    Again, thanks for your interest.

  • Einar

    Thank you, Frank. I really do appreciate your activity in this blog. Having a more or less direct line to the manufacturers of products we love, is wonderful. I live in Norway. Sous Vide seems to be catching on here as well.

    BTW: Can you please confirm that I will be able to use the FMM with my WS-1500C controller from Auber? I suspect it is exactly the same as your own SVM-1500C, except for the logo on the front, but just want to make sure.

  • Frank Hsu

    FMM will work with any temperature controllers from different manufacturers. You need to decide which controller is best working with your FMM. FMM will be manufactured in two versions: 110V or 220V. The 220V version may have a more powerful heater. Current 110V FMM uses a 1000W heater.


  • ze

    I live in Portugal. If you need a distributor round these parts, think of me (har dee har).

    The biggest issue for me is cost. Since I’d be importing from the US, I have to prepare myself to be reamed in customs charges. In fact, as eager as I am to try out FMM, I might still opt for a Ranco ETC and some kind of crock pot, just because it might save me a couple hundred bucks.

  • Frank

    Am I the only one who thinks this bubbler setup is not very practical for sous-vide stuff? You have three machines, an airpump which will probably be noisy, an upward bubble stream that makes your sous-vide bags float to the surface and does not properly circulate bigger containers. And to top it – as mentioned already – cooling the water with cold air while trying to heat it at the same time is not very energy efficient.

  • Frank Hsu

    Hi Frank
    You are right. We had exactly the same concerns you just expressed.
    1. Two many machines. It is like the Hi-Fi system. Some people like everything in one enclosure and some people like the component/modular approach. Our approach allows users to mix and match air pumps and PID temperature controllers. For reaching an international market, it is a decision most acceptable to our international users.
    We have considered the one box approach. And for now,
    open architecture wins.
    2. Noisy pumps – that will depend which models you buy. I will be offering a $10 Japanese made air pump for the 220V market which is totally silent.
    For commercial users, we have offering powerful Medo-style piston pumps capable of supporting 12 FMMs, but in a commercial kitchen you can not hear it!!
    3. Floating pouches. If you take a closer look at picture of the FMM, we will have clips so you can tie pouches to FMM to prevent it from floating.
    4. Circulation – The bubbling area is about quite big about 6″ in diameter. It is not like your normal aquarium air stones. As I said it before, for bigger bath you can have multiple FMMs.
    5. IC’s stirring action introduce more cold air into the bath and make heat loss faster than our approach.
    Some cold air is good for temperature stability and our users can adjust the amount of air flow with a valve.
    6. This design gives us a platform to introduce a new method of heating the bath in the future.

    Frank, thanks for being frank.

    PS Ze We will have a stocking depot based in Italy for shipping to EU countries. If you don’t like US, you can pay in Euro.

  • ze

    Oh god that will be the bee’s knees, you just made my day with that Italy remark. Any chance you still need beta testers?

  • jean-francois


    Thank you very much for these information. Feel free to send me some pictures of the Freshmealsmagic!

    This discussion illustrates very well the interest of the people in your future product! I think it will be a success in North America.
    My worry is about the price for Europe. Please tell me if I am mistaken:

    • SousVideMagic 1500B = USD 169
    • Freshmealsmagic = USD 150
    • Air pump (the cheapest option) = USD 10
    • Shipping costs to Europe = approx USD 30
    • Custom duties = approx. EUR 50
    • Input power cord and socket adaptor = approx. EUR 16.

    Grant total (1 EUR = 1.4 USD): approx. EUR 326 (USD 456).
    If 1 EUR = 1.2 USD then we obtain EUR 370 (USD 517).
    If 1 EUR = 1.1 USD then we get EUR 397 (USD 555).

    If Addélice’s immersion circulator is really launched (so far we only have some pictures on the net but nothing more) at EUR 449 I am not sure your bundle pack will be so competitive for European customers.


  • ze

    Well, if they’re gonna have a stocking depot in Italy, you can strike shipping and customs right off the bat, and I’d wager the input power cord and socket adapter as well. Frank’s a nice guy, so we can throw in a small discount for the bundle, let’s say 20 bucks. That’d make a total of 350 bucks, give or take, which’d make 244 euros according to google.

    I’d be happier with 300 bucks shipped, but Frank, if you can price it right buddy, you can count me in.

  • Frank Hsu

    Ze, email me with any special requests.
    j-f, I will have more pictures next week.
    On pricing:
    If using SousVideMagic, FMM EU (220V) model can support 3 FMMs (1K W heater) concurrently. So on a cost per bath size, our approach is more cost effective than IC.
    Pricing right now is still preliminary. If we can save on regulatory approvals of FMM, we can pass on the savings. We have no experience exporting to EU, so we factor in soft costs in a worst case scenario situation. Any information on this regard is greatly appreciated.

  • ze

    I’d love to help but import/export really isn’t my field. Still, if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know, ask away and I’ll try to find out.

    Also, special requests?

  • Marco F

    Well, if you (legally) want to sell electrical machines in the EU you need to fulfill at least the requirements of the EU guidelines for the CE certification . No electrical device maybe sold in the EU that doesn’t carry the CE sign.
    Furthermore you need to register with the official WEEE authority in EACH country you want to sell the machine in ( ) Also, no electrical device maybe sold in EU countries where it isn’t officially registered with the local WEEE authority. Registered machines have to carry the WEEE symbol.

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