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The SWID – First images and impressions of Addélice Immersion Circulator dedicated to Sous Vide Cooking

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories

swid-addelice-thermal-immersion-circulator-cooker-equipment-appliance-sous-vide-4Two weeks ago, I have been contacted by Addélice who has proposed me to test their new immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide cookery.
I was honored by their proposal and, as you can imagine, I have accepted!

I received the Swid this morning and had only time to take some pictures before leaving. I am very excited to share my first impressions about this sous vide appliance!

I was very surprised by the size and the weight of the Swid. I had to give back the Julabo EC that was borrowed to me during summer holidays and therefore I can’t show you pictures to compare the 2 appliances. Nevertheless I took some pics to compare the Swid with the SousVideMagic.

The Swid is compact and can be stored easily in one of your kitchen draws. This is an excellent point.
The casing is amazing, very soft and sensual to the touch. The protection grid is part of the whole metal structure of the Swid. For the record a metal grid is always coming as an option with the other immersion circulator such as Polyscience and Julabo…The Swid grid as a funny design with holes like bubbles carved in the metal.

I didn’t have time to try it so far but my first feeling about the swid is excellent. I’ll come back to you as soon as I have a little bit more time.




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  • Martha

    Hi Jean Francois,

    I am very interested by your comments about the SWID. Could you please give more details about the size of the machine. On your picture the SWID is looking quite big compared to the SOUSVIDEMAGIC. I have no idea how big the SOUSVIDEMAGIC is…that’s why.


  • jean-francois


    I confirm the swid is very compact: 28 cm high, 14 cm width and 12 cm large. Unfortunatly I don’t have a lots of time to play at the moment with my new toy but I’ll make a short video and other pictures soon.


  • Chef Christophe

    Jean-Francois, to me it looks like a fish tank pump. I would expect this thing could only control a very small bath.
    Best, Christophe

  • jean-francois

    Hi Christophe,

    I have no idea what kind of pump this is. What I can tell you is that I just tried the swid in a 10 litres pot and the pump worked perfectly. I remember when I tried the Julabo EC the pump was extremely powerful (sometimes I was even considering a bit too much because the stream was moving a lot the pouches in the pot) and very noisy. The swid is very silent.
    But you are right this is something I’ll verify next time. Addélice mentioned in the operating manual the swid works in a 20 litres container.


  • Chef Christophe

    Thanks Jean-Francois!
    I have at my PolyScience unit 2 pump speed which is very helpful. I high power level to get quicker to target temperature and maintain uniformity when I have larger/thicker pouches in the tank.

    Another thing I am curious about: From the photos above I also don’t see any safety on the heater for low liquid shut off. What happens when the unit is run dry?

  • jean-francois


    If you look closely to the 4th picture you’ll see a component of the swid located behind the heater element and on the left of the pump. This is the float switch. When I first tried the swid I thought it was broken. In fact I forgot to put it inside water in order to deactivate the switch.

    Regarding the pump, I agree the more powerful it is the best it might be. So far I didn’t have any température uniformity issue with the swid and a 10 litre pot. I have not tried with a 20 litre pot yet.


  • Harry

    I was just about to purchase a JULABO ED which best price I found on internet is 780 euros incl. VAT. Do you think it is worth spending 350 euros more for a Julabo instead of the swid for 449 euros?

  • Peter

    Looking at this unit (and other immersion circulators), isn’t essentially just a heating element controlled by a PID controller with a water pump. Food grade, submersible elements can be found in cheap electric water kettles. I have seen food grade water pumps on the internet. The heating element could be controlled by a sous vide magic if wiring the controller is too complicated. The element and water pump could be encased in a stainless steel cage and submerged in the water container. In other words, building one from scratch can’t be too complicated or expensive.

  • ze

    Really depends on what kind of temperature control you’re looking for. Home sous-vide solutions, more or less DIY, abound. I myself use a commercial soup warmer and a regular programmable thermostat to great effect.

    I’d really like to see a head-to-head cook-off between the circulator and the DIY solution. Jean-François, my proposal: Make Confit de Canard at 70ºC for 24 hours, two legs in each device, one vaccum pack per leg. Show us the results, and give your opinion. Hell, make a dinner party of it.

  • ze

    Forgot to mention, I’ve spent about 90€ on sous vide so far, but I still need an aquarium pump.

  • Addelice

    Thank you for the comments, guys.

    @Chef Christophe: The pump on the Swid is a silent long-life ceramic shaft pump with a flow capacity of 5 liters per minute. A 20 liter container is therefore completely circulated in 4 minutes even without natural convection. It is definitely enough to keep the temperature in a 20 liter bath very stable.

    @Peter: well, you are right, it’s a PID controller, a heating element, a pump, a high precision temperature probe and a safety float switch. Sure, you could build something like an immersion circulator yourself. The Swid, however, has some features that would be very hard to implement like our adaptive PID control which automatically calculates the bath volume and adjusts the PID parameters accordingly.

    @ze: Great idea!

  • ze

    Hell, addelice team, if you think the idea’s so great and can part with one more circulator, send one my way and I’ll run the test! Let’s see how it stacks up against my soup kettle!

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