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Test of Addélice’s Immersion Circulator in a 20 litres container

by on Nov.23, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories


I received several questions of people interested by the swid of addelice. Their main worry was to determine if the swid is for professional purposes or for home cooks. To all of them I replied and said that I am not a professional and therefore don’t know their expectations as a professional. I realized that I tried the swid in  3.5 litres and 8.5 litres pots only. The manual of the swid indicates that the stability of the temperature is optimized up to 20 litres.

I went inside my uncle cellar and found an Ikea plastic box (€ 3) that I filled with 20 litres water.



I had to face a problem with the plastic container which is very flexible. Attaching the swid with the clamp to the container was not possible as the swid was too heavy. Therefore I found a glass cutting board that was perfectly the hight of the container. I put this board between the plastic container and the clamp. This generated an excellent stability for the swid to be attached.


I set the swid at 55°C only because I am not realy trusting in the Ikea container that could melt or not resit to higher temperatures. The manual of the swid indicates the Adaptive PID controller (that assesses the amount of the water i n the pot) was optimized if the starting temperature is at least 15°C lower than the target temperature. It took 15 minutes to heat the water from 25°C to 55°C and, after 5 more minute,s the stability of the water bath was excellent.


I decided to make an addition test: immersing a bottle of cold water (3°C) simulating a cold pouch in a water bath.


It worked perfectly.

To sum up I confirm the swid thermal circulator can heat easily a 20 litres water bath.


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  • Dahlia


    I was one of those who doubted about the capability of the swid pump to mix up a 20 litres pot and maintain an even temperature. It seems it works perfectly. Good point for Addelice.


  • Emmanuel Poulain


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  • Peter B

    I would love to see your thermocouple data for this test to see the temperature recovery and stability after the cold water bottle was added. Can you make it available?

  • Jean-François


    I didn’t take time to note the temperature recovery. At the moment I am working on a foie gras recipe. Foie gras was the reason why the sous vide technic was invented in les Trois Gros in France. When I’ll have time I’ll try with a bigger pot (25-30 litres), even if addélice mentionned 20 litres pot shoud be the optimum water capacity, and see how the swid reacts.
    How many bottles of water would you like me to put for such a test?


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