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Fresh Meals Solutions’ new PID Controler : SousVideMagic 1500D

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Equipments & Accessories


Remember end August Fresh Meals Solutions announced the launch (end 2009) of the FreshMealsMagic.
In the meantime Frank Hsu (you secretive thing!) has put up the SousVideMagic 1500D for sale.

What is new with the SousVideMagic 1500D compared to the 1500 B/C versions?

  • The power capacity has been raised from 2,000 W to 3,000 W
  • 2 digit screens are now available (one for the temperature and one for the timer)
  • Possibility to control the temperature of a large pot, up to 35 L

The price of te SousVideMagic 1500D is still very competitive USD 159!
For your information the global cost for the SousVideMagic 1500D to be sent to Europe should be around:

  • SousVideMagic 1500D: USD 159 + USD 25 = USD 184 incl. sending to Europe
  • Custom duties: EUR 35
  • Basic rice cooker: EUR 45
  • Input power cord and socket adaptor: approx EUR 16.

Grant total (1 EUR = 1.5 USD): EUR 218

Frank, what about the FreshMealsMagic Bubbler? When will you launch it?


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  • Einar

    So… how long until Auber Instruments get the same device on their site, except for the logo on front and with a different name?

  • Jean-François


    FreshMealsSolutions is Auber’s distributor. But you are right, I just went to and didn’t see this PID controler version.


  • Frank

    Interesting product upgrade. What happened to the Foie Gras recipe you mentioned earlier btw?

  • Frank Hsu

    1500D is in house designed to meet some of our unique requirements like controlling the upcoming immersible bubbler/heater-FMM) (Available next week in 110V/1500W or 220V/2000W models) and our 14L Water Oven (TM) with built-in air recirculation system. This product has been shipping to our insiders for a week now and will be formally released next week too.
    Another, new product is the bubbler disc designed just for water circulation.
    Now, we have two ways to cook sous vide:
    SousVideMagic- turning any cooker to cook sous vide
    FreshMealsmagic – turning any pot to cook sous vide

    TM- Trademark of Fresh Meals Solutions

  • Frank Hsu

    The $159.50 includes shipping to all USA and Canada addresses during the special promotion period.
    BTW, Frank, what foie gras recipe?

  • Jean-François


    The foie gras question was dedicated to me. I am a busy and lasy guy at the moment but I am seriously working on it. I am currently gathering information about the perfect temperature for cooking foie gras. Some chef told me 58°C is the perfect one but how long should I cook it as Baldwin practical guide to sous vide doesn’t mention any table regarding foie gras. Sometimes I am asking myself if I sould not buy an hypodermique probe/thermometer.


  • panicfan


    what will the fmm go for?

    how does it compare as far as temperature control issues are concerned vs. the svm in a rice cooker?

  • Frank Hsu

    110V/1500W FreshMealsMagic (FMM) and SousVideMagic will be sold as a kit for $299 (including a piston pump and 18L Polycarbonate pot). 220V/2000W FMM kit will be $25 more.
    Individual price – FMM (110V/1500W) – $149.00.
    FMM (220V/2000W) – $174.00 (All US$)
    Temperature stability is better (+- 0.2%) than SVM/Rice cooker but less energy efficient still better than Immersion Circulators.
    We also have Water Oven(TM)using 14L cooker with built -in air recirculation system.
    We also have FMM Bubbler (no heater) for $69.
    FMM and Water Oven(TM)products are shipping now by special orders only (Not listed on our website yet).
    Thank you for your interest.

    (TM) Trademark of Fresh Meals Solutions

  • steve mass

    Dear Sous-vide bloggers

    I am building a restaurant around the sous-vide concept in Germany. Anybody looking for work, part or full time?

    Send c.v. to

  • Jean-François

    Hi Steve,

    Interesting. Where would be located your restaurant? Is the sous vide concept popular in Germany? Are you looking for poeple who have a specific education in sous vide cooking?


  • steve mass

    In Berlin. must have minimal sous vide knowledge, and 1 year experience in large kitchen, institutional or restaurant


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