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Sous Vide Equipments – The Ultimate Review (coming soon)!

by on Sep.22, 2010, under Equipments & Accessories

Coming soon a review of the most representative sous vide equipment of the market (from the left to the right) on this page :

- SousVide Professional of Polyscience (Immersion Circulator)
- Sous Vide Chef of Vac-Star (Immersion Cirdulator) Swid by Addélice (Immersion Circulator)
- Pearl by Julabo (Immersion Circulator)
- SousVideMagic by FreshMealsSolutions + Bubbler (PID Controler SVM-FMM1500D)
- SousVide Supreme (Unstired PID controlled water bath)
- Sous Vide Chef of Vac-Star (Immersion Circulator)


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  • Einar

    Fantastic! I can’t wait! :-D

  • Chef

    Hi JF,

    Very interesting review. What will be your methodology to compare these SV equipment?

  • Jean-François

    Hi chef,

    I will make several tests illustrating how precise is the temperature of the SV equipement (for that purpose I’ll use a the GMH-3710 thermometer again and its stability. I’ll do my best to test all the VS cookers in the same environements and parameters so that the comparision will be relevant…
    Other information are usually missing when reading a review on internet, such as the noise made by the equipment, size and storage issue, power (how long does it take to heat the water bath at the set temperature).


  • Thanis Lim

    I will definitely be looking forward to this review as I am starting to venture into Sous Vide cooking. You’re doing an awesome job with this site as an informative Sous Vide resource. Keep up this excellent work!

  • phil

    love your site!
    any idea, when the test will be released?
    i am struggling buying either the swid or the sous vide supreme ( or the smaller version ) and would love to know what you recommend.

  • Jean-François

    Hi Phil,

    This past year has been crazy for me, a marriage, babt, new job…I have now found a little bit of free time to structure and draft the Sous Vide equipment review/tests and comparison section of
    This should be released step by step beginning September.


  • chad

    Hows the review coming along? I’m planning on purchasing an immersion circulator very soon and would really appreciate your ultimate review. thanks!

  • Adam

    Great stuff! I’m really looking forward to the Polyscience/Swid review. I want one of those, but don’t know which one. The Swid has a lot of advantages on paper, the only disadvantage being the slower pump. And maybe “not being Polyscience” :-)

  • Erik

    I can’t wait for the Swid/Polyscience comparison. Any idea when it will be published? I just can’t make up my mind about which one to buy!

  • pepe

    I’ve been looking at the Vac-Star SVC as a secondary SV device, but the reports on eGullet didn’t seem to hopeful. Now I’ve just revisited the Addelice site and noted that they’ve upped their specification on the Swid. The heating element is now 2000 watts and the Swid is rated for containers up to 50 liters. I think it would complement my Polyscience nicely for vegetable cooking – the Polyscience just takes way to long to get up to 85°C.

  • Jean Francois

    Hi Pepe!

    Indeed, long time I didn’t look at Addelice website. I’ll contact Addelice and get some fresh news about this new version of the swid IC.

    Thanks for the info.


  • Tamara

    I’m sorry if I missed it, but did you do a review on the SousVideMagic yet?

  • Mak

    Hi, I’ve read your comparison between the SousVideChef and the Polyscience, do you have seen the new model (SousVideChef II) ? What do you think about it compared to Swid or Polyscience ? Is it still inferior ?

  • Jean Francois

    Hi Mak,

    Yes I have seen it. It seems Vac-star had to “give away” to polyscience the Sousvidechef machine designed and manufactured by a Chineese subcontractor. I am not sure Polyscience did a great bargain rebranding “sousvide professional creative series” exactly the same machine!
    Therefore Vac-star had to “find” another machine to sell, the Sousvidechef II. I can’t say anything about this machine since I didn’t test it. But I’ll do it as soon as someone in my surounding will get it.

  • Chris

    Hi There
    I was on the development Team of the Sous Vide Chef II.
    Vac-Star dind’t just buy a new machine, it was developed from scratch, and ist now made in EU.
    Of cousre I have tested it, and I can assure you, it’s a huge improvement from the old sous-vide chef, now polyscience…

  • Chef James

    Thank you for your site!!! Doing some(9)thick cut bacon wrapped scallops @ 51 c – 40 min. Just a fast sear in hot ghee…..and the result…..perfect!!

  • Pato


    I have purchased the sousvidechef first version and I have been unsatisfied about it. I had a bad experience about bad insulation and water was getting inside the machine…I am upset about vacstar (and their distrubutors) who always mentionned is was a Swiss made product but in reality made in China. They also lied when saying it was a professional, high duty machine. Now they mention everywhere it was “for casual users”. I feel like fooled. How can you trust in Vacstar anymore?

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