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Review of Julabo Pearl Z Immersion Circulator

Julabo is a German Cie founded in 1967 and worldy known for manufacturing Constant Temperature Circulators used for research, science and industry. End 2010 Julabo lauched a new trademark “Fusion Chef” to differentiate the selling of lab equipments to equipments sold to the sous vide market. Fusion Chef products are designed for professionel use only.

TypeImmersion Circulator, adaptatif
Size339mm/190/335mm = 15,700 cm3
Weight6.5 kg
14.3 lb
Power2,000 W
Tank/vessel capacityFrom 20 to 58 L
From 5.2 to 15.3 gal
Water pump14 L/min
SafetyFloat switch
Ease of use, comfort, silentGood but temperature and cooking time can't be displayed on the same display.
Maintenance, cleaningGood but protective grid is difficult to remove for cleaning
Warranty2 years
PriceEUR 899 excl. VAT


  • Size and weight: Julabo Pearl Z is a massive and heavy machine (6,5 kg).
  • Power: immerson circulator’s goal is to stabilize the temperature of a water bath. For that purpose you don’t need a lot of power (have a look at this test). Power is necessary to heat fast the water of a water bath. Therefore 2,000 W is very usefull especially if you are a professional and need cooking sous vide in big containers. Julabo and Addélice are the only manufacturers on the market offering such technical specifications for immersion circulators.
  • Tank/vessel capacity: Julabo circulators are pro oriented equipments. Pearl Z can regulate waterbath from 20 to 58 liters tanks. The pump of the Julabo is very powerful (14L per minute). In my opinion this pump is oversized for 20 to 40 liters tanks. Tests made with Julabo’s competitors with less powerful pumps (8 to 10 liters per minute) were providing similar results.
  • Safety: the Pearl Z benefits from a float switch which is the safest device to alert cooks when the waterlevel is too low. The Pearl Z benefits from a removable metal protection grid to avoid the pouches being in contact with the heater element. This is particularly important for the Pearl Z which has, for most users, and oversized water pump of 14 L per min.
  • Temperature stability: Peral’s Z stability is excellent  (± 0.05°C). To achieve such stability with big tanks (58 L) is will anyway be necessary to cover the container with a lid to minimize energy losses.
  • Ease of use, comfort, silent: The Pearl Z is easy to use nevertheless you can’t see at a glance temperature info and cooking time. You have to select which info to display on the single screen. In addition the powerfull pump make some noise but this is acceptable.
  • Maintenance, cleaning: like any other immersion circulator the pearl must  be cleaned periodically in order to remove the limescale appearing on the grid and heater element. Removing and replacing the metal grid isn’t easy. Cleaning of the heater element isn’t eased by the helical frame of the heater element (see the picture below). All Pearls immersed parts are made of stainless steal.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Price: the Pearl Z is one of the most expensive immersion ciculator of the market. It is sold EUR 899 excl. VAT.


  • Julabo Pearl Z was designed  for professionals only.
  • All immersed parts of the Pearl Z are made of stainless steal.
  • Pearl Z is an impressive and massive machine. Price is high but what you also puchase is the trademark.

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