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Review of Addelice Swid’s Immersion Circulator

“Addelice was established in 2008 out of an ambitious project developt by a group of food enthousiasts with backgrounds in engineering, business, IT, design and chemistry…Addélice wants to make techniques, ingredients and ustensils of modern avant-garde cuisine more accessible.” (Source Addélice

Addelice is a German Cie that has launched September 2009 the first immersion circulator devoted to sous vide. Before that, all immersion circulators were manufactured by Cies specialized in laboratory equipments.

“Addelice has removed all expensive and unnecessary functions of a lab device and focused on features that are important for culinary purposes.”

TypeImmersion Circulator, adaptatif
Size124mm/190/268mm = 4,200 cm3
Weight2.1 kg
4.5 lb
Power2,000 W
Tank/vessel capacityFrom 5 to 58 L
From 1.3 to 15.3 gal
Water pump8 L/min
SafetyFloat switch
Ease of use, comfort, silentExcellent
Maintenance, cleaningVery good
Warranty2 years
PriceEUR 380 excl. VAT (incl. shipping costs)


  • Size and weight: the swid is the most compact immersion circulator of the market and one of lightest aswell (2.1 kg only).
  • Power: immerson circulator’s goal is to stabilize the temperature of a water bath. For that purpose you don’t need a lot of power (have a look at this test). Power is necessary to heat fast the water of a water bath. Therefore 2,000 W is very usefull especially if you are a professional and need cooking sous vide in big containers. Julabo and Addélice are the only manufacturers on the market offering such technical specifications for immersion circulators.
  • Tank/vessel capacity: first versions of Addelice’s immersion circulator were designed for 20 liter tanks max. Since mid 2012 Addélice has upgraded the swid to regulate waterbath from 8 liters to 58 liters tanks.
  • Safety: the swid benefits from a float switch which is the best solution to alert cooks when the waterlevel is too low and pouches risk to float at the surface. The swid also has an integrated protective grid to avoid the pouches being in contact with the heater element.
  • Temperature stability: the swid has an exceptional stability (± 0.05°C) which can be achieved especialy if your container is well insulated. If not particularly well insulated temperature stability in a water bath is still remarquable as you will never see the temp. display of the swid moving above ± 0.1°C.
  • Ease of use, comfort, silent: the swid is friendly user. It benefits from a second display to indicate the cooking time which is very convenient. The swid is silent.
  • Maintenance, cleaning: like any other immersion circulator the swid should be cleaned to remove the limescale appearing on the grid and heater element. Cleaning the swid is easy as you don’t need to remove any protection grid. In addition, the curves of Addelice’s heater element makes it being a peace of cake to finish the cleaning with a soft brush (see the picture below). All swid’s immersed parts are made of stainless steal.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • Price: the swid is one of the most competitive immersion circulator of the market. It is sold EUR 380 excl. VAT and incl. shipping cost.


  • Addelice swid is made for both professionals and amateur cooks.
  • All immersed parts of the swid are made of stainless steal.
  • IMO, because of its technical specifications, the swid is probably the best value for money among all immersion circulators of the market.

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