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Sous Vide Equipments Reviews & Comparison Tests

Sous vide equipment manufacturers or distributors are always presenting their products in the best way, emphasizing on advantages but never on drawbacks.

This section of blog is dedicated to reviews and tests of the most popular equipment used by professionals and sous vide enthusiasts in general.
For each piece of sous vide equipment I made a review (I). Each product is also compared in different pages with all the other products of the market (II). A summary of all products is also available (III). Comparison between two products is not an easy thing. Therefore, I have selected objective criteria that will be the same for all tests:

- Size: if you are an individual the place taken by your sous vide equipment is an issue, especially if you have a small kitchen. Will your sous vide appliance enter in one of your kitchen drawers?
- Weight: can you manage with a 5 Kg machine? If you are a professional, and you need carrying immersion circulators for demos, weight is important for you.
- Power: the more powerful your appliance is the faster it will heat the water contained in your water bath.
- Max. tank/vessel capacity: if you are a professional and doing catering, 50 litres capacity could be important for you. If you are an individual, 20 litres capacity is totally sufficient.
- Safety: cooking sous vide can take very long, from some minutes (fish) to days (special cuts of meat). Even at 50°C water evaporates. For food safety reasons a pouch must always be immersed in water. This is a reason why a float switch system is the best way to warn cooks about a low water level in a water bath.
- Stability: cooking sous vide is precise, 1.5°C temperature variation can lead to different results.
- Maintenance, cleaning of the sous vide equipment : key point if you are an intensive user or a professional.
- Warranty.
- Price.

I hope these pages will help you to choose the best equipment according to your needs.

I. Reviews

I.1. Immersion Circulator

- Addélice : Swid
- Julabo : Pearl
- Polyscience : Sous Vide Professional (coming soon)
- Vac-Star : Sous Vide Chef (coming soon)

I.2. Non stirred water bath

- Sousvidesupreme (coming soon)

I.3. PID Controller

- Freshmealssolution : Sousvidemagic (coming soon)

II. Sous vide equipment comparison (detailled)

- Addelice swid Vs Julabo Pearl
- Vac-star SV Chef Vs Polyscience SV Professional
- Addelice swid Vs Polyscience Sous Vide Professional (coming soon)
- Addelice Swid Vs Sousvidesupreme (coming soon)
- Addelice Swid Vs Sousvidemagic (coming soon)
- Julabo Pearl Vs Polyscience Sous vide Professional (coming soon)
- Julabo Pearl Vs Sousvidesupreme (coming soon)
- Julabo Pearl Vs Sousvidemagic (coming soon)
- Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Vs Sousvidesupreme (coming soon)
- Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Vs Sousvidemagic (coming soon)
- Sousvidemagic Vs Sousvidesupreme (coming soon)

III. Sous vide equipment comparison (summary) : clic on the image below to download the Pdf doc

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