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Sous Vide : Soft boiled egg at 63°C for 1 hour

by on Aug.23, 2009, under Recipes, Time and Accurate Temperature


I saw so many posts on the net speaking highly about the precise temperature and time to cook a “perfect” soft boiled egg. The range of temperature for a soft egg varies from 57°C (basically raw) to 70°C (hard-boiled, right before it gets that green ring around the yolk).

After reading the Cookingissues article about soft eggs I decided to try the 63°C soft boiled egg cooked for 1 hours with my Julabo immersion circulator. In this article they say my “ favorite 63°C “custard egg”—so named because of the creamy consistency of the yolk, which cannot be achieved with conventional cooking”.


My 63°C soft boiled egg has not reached my expectations. The yolk was not as creamy as mentioned in the Cookingissues article. The egg was good but nothing special in my opinion. Next time I’ll raise the temperature of 1°C (64°C) and see what happens.

By the way I’ll also read carefully this fantastic article from Khymos.


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  • Einar

    I’ve boiled an egg for 1h@65C which resulted in a wonderful creamy yolk. However, the white was a bit too runny for me, and made it virtually impossible to crack the egg and eat it normally. In my next test I tossed the 65C-egg into boiling water for about half a minute. This gave the same creamy yolk and semi-solid white. I imagine using about 80C post-boil might be more appropriate as a compromise between hardening the white just a bit while not requiring long post-boiling at a low temperature that results in heating the yolk.

  • jean-francois


    Thanks for your comment. I think poeple around me are going to eat a lot of soft eggs next days ;-)


  • Wipop

    Thanks for the egg post. I read too many blogs that writers would only post the perfect results (or lies!) about the food item. Mistakes are valuable too and I appreciate your effort in letting us know. keep up the great work. I will be following.

  • andy wong

    I DO IT, USING 65 DEGREE, TIME IS 75MINS, you can try that. the egg white likes tofu. egg yolk is gel. I know the 64degree is the perfect tempurature. but the shape after sous vide cooking is not good! my own option.

  • Big C

    According to Robuchon, 62.5 is the perfect egg…sous vide it for 4 hours, and you get a moldable, custardy, yolk

  • JP

    Got a Sous Vide Magic today and did eggs at 64 degrees for 1 hour and had perfect results, shimmering white’s and a creamy custard like yolk.
    Based on your post here cranked it up 2 more degrees as I was going to begin with 62 degree eggs.

  • Nicola

    I did a lot of testing of sous vide eggs – pictures in this but never quite got to one I was comfortable with. Think khymos’s article is spot on that essentially it creates an “inverted” egg – runny white, hard yolk – which is just too unfamiliar to be appetising.

    Will try it in a dashi broth, which seems to be a good suggestion of how to use them – suspect the silky white’s texture is more appetising in a broth.

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