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Sous Vide by Thomas Keller – Precise Cooking Time and Temperature for Poultry and Meats (Under Pressure)

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under-pressure-cooking-sous-vide-thomas-kellerHere are some of Thomas Keller information about cooking times and temperature.

Contrary to Viktor Stampfer’s book that indicates a temperature of the waterbath slightly higher to the core temperature of the ingredient contained in the pouch, Thomas Keller indicates the starting temperature (3.3°C) of the food, the time and the temperature of the bath only. This is definitely less confusing.

  Cook name Weight Water bath °C Time (min.) Comments
Beef sirloin Thomas Keller 400 g 59.5 45 Sear the beef 5 min on a hot pan
Chicken legs Thomas Keller 1.3 to 1.5 Kg 64 60 Golden the chicken in pan with butter for 2 to 3 minutes
Duck breast Thomas Keller 300 g (skinless) 60.5 25  
Duck leg Thomas Keller 1.8 Kg 82.2 8 Hrs Brown in a pan with canola oil for 5 min
Lamb saddle and tenderloin Thomas Keller 1 split bone 60.5 35 Salt + pepper, brown in canola oil for 3 min
Pork belly Thomas Keller   82.2 12 Hrs Brown in canola iol for 3 to 4 min
Pork leg and shoulder Thomas Keller 1.2 Kg each 80 12 Hrs Brown in canola oil for 3 to 4 min
Poulard Thomas Keller 1.7 Kg 62 1:30  
Rabbit saddle Thomas Keller   64 12 Hrs Brown in cnola oil for 5 min
Squab breats Thomas Keller 330 to 380 g 59.5 30  
Squab leg Thomas Keller 330 to 380 g 68 2 Hrs Brown in canola oil for 2 to 3 min
Veal calotte Thomas Keller 350 g 60.5 15 Heat 350°F oven for 3 min
Veal tenderloin Thomas Keller 1.2 Kg 61 30 Brown in canola oil for 7 min
Beef tongue Thomas Keller 1.33 Kg 70 24 Hrs  
Calf's heart Thomas Keller 850 g 79.4 24 Hrs  
Calf's liver Thomas Keller 1 Kg 63 60  
Duck tongue Thomas Keller 225 g 70 8 Hrs  
Veal kidney Thomas Keller 455 g 82 60 Heat in clarified butter 1 min max
Veal cheeks Thomas Keller 1.3 Kg 82.2 8 Hrs Dust both sides wiyh flour, brown sides with canola oil for 2 min


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  • Adam

    This table is very useful because I can`t find this book in any store. I have printed it already and I want to say thanks for sharing it. Enjoy cooking! :)

  • admin


    After reading Douglas Baldwin Practical Guide to Sous Vide It was clear for me that the thickness of the meat or fish to cook is key to determine the cooking time.
    This fact is not disclosed in Keller’s cooking book. You can try the temperature Keller recommends but I would then also recommend you to check the Baldwin table for the cooking time.



  • Madeline Morgan

    oh i just love cooking and eating. i love to cook pasta recipes and the like.’`-

  • Ramiro Salas

    Keep in mind that Keller runs a restaurant, so some of these temperatures are dangerously high for the home cook if you don’t consider important factors such as thickness. For his business, time does matter.

    However, as a home cook, I wouldn’t risk an expensive cut of filet at 59.5 for 45 minutes. Instead, I feel safer at 55 C / 131 F for 1 to 2 hours. Also, although finishing it on a hot skillet works well, you’ll end up with a 5mm area well done. If you’d like to have an even thinner layer, I’d recommend using a MAPP or acetylene blow torch instead.

    One last comment regarding your opening statement in this post. While it is true that this is simpler than measuring to the core, according to the Modernist Cuisine books (the final authoritative word in cooking in my opinion) that’s the only way to empirically prove doneness. It is indeed a pain and I don’t do it, but I can see the logic behind if if you are looking for perfection.

    Thanks for posting this information!

  • Raph88

    pour la joue de veau, je la pare puis je la saisi. Je déglace au porto et je fais une sauce gastrique avec du miel.
    Mise sous vide de l’ensemble veau-sauce et cuisson 24h à 66°.
    après ouverture du sachet, je réserve la viande et je réduit le contenu liquide du sac.
    Il ne reste plus qu’à dresser l’assiette. Il est possible d’ajouter un petite tranche de foie gras poêle.
    Avec des topinambour et des carottes glacées c’est un pur moment de bonheur.

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