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Sous vide at home – 72 hours pork ribs

by on Jul.30, 2009, under Recipes



I was not really convinced after my first 42 hours sous vide pork ribs trial. The meat was tender but the texture was not as extraordinary as you can read it on some internet comments made by cooks who experimented 42 hours pork ribs.

I therefore decided to cook sous vide pork ribs for 72 hours.

The result was fantastic and, this time, I have to admit the texture of the pork really changed compared to the 42 hours one!  The meat was so tender that it was almost falling apart!

I have only one thing to say…just try it!


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  • richard

    ive built myself a water bath using large slow cooker and an inexpensive temperature controller i found advertised on the net.

    most experiments so far have been 8-12 hours. it is very interesting to see the results of much longer cooking times.

  • jean-francois


    I also think most cooking times should be below 12 hours. My trial with 72 hours pork ribs sous vide was for me like a gag. I would have never dared doing this if I would not have seen other poeple doing the same on the net. In the end this was amazing.


  • Mauricio Franco

    Jean Francois,

    I just opened my 72 hours sous vide pork ribs at 57o.C and it did not meet my expectations. Do you think that a little higher temperature would make it even more tender? My result was parts very tender and special and some other parts a little bit dry and with some fibers. Any suggestions?

    Great blog

    Mauricio Franco – Brazil

  • jean-francois


    Strange. I also cooked my pork ribs at 57°C. What kind of sous vide cooker did you use?


  • Darren

    I didn’t have pork ribs, but I did have belly pork and that came out beautifully tender. Thanks for your blog, it’s hard to find information on SV cooking. My first effort was 24hr Ox Tongue and that was not a success!

  • chris shenton

    I did beef short ribs at 140F for 72 hours and they were outstanding: red-pink like rare steak, tender like great steak, and insanely flavorful — rich from the collagen and fat in the ribs. Also did a spice rub on a beef brisket, smoked lightly for an hour, then cooked sous vide at 142 for 70 hours and it was devoured immediately: pink interior, red smoke-ringy area, tender, moist… and a lot easier than tending the smoker all day.

  • Jayson

    I thought the minimum safe cooking temp for pork was 69 degrees C to kill off bacteria…? Am going to use my slow cooker’s keep warm facility which I’ve measured at 75degrees to cook some pork fillet for 24 hrs – I’ll let you know how that works out. Haven’t found any recommended time/temperature combinations so far on the web – any ideas for various meats?

  • Jayson

    BTW re previous post have seen the table on this website, was just wondering if there were any other similar details on other websites, it seems to be a very inexact science, I’ve seen recipes suggesting from 18 minutes in a water bath to 3 days for the same piece of pork!

  • Carla

    I recommend you have a look at Baldwin’s Sous Vide Guide that includes Temp/Time tables. 55
    °C can be enought depending of the cooking time. 18 minutes cooking could also be enough depending of the thickness of the meat.

  • ze

    Jayson, the whole thing about always cooking pork to well done came from a well-founded fear of a nasty little disease called trichinosis. However, trichinosis was eradicated from commercials pigs quite some time ago. Wikipedia has a little more on the subject.

    All this to call bullshit on the 69C, eat all the rare pork you want.

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