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Anthology of compressed fruits (under vacuum)

by on May.22, 2010, under Equipments & Accessories

Today I had time to experiment “compression” with my vacuum chamber sealer. To put a juicy fruit under vacuum is an issue with clamp vacuum machines as liquids can get inside the machine and break it. Vacuum chamber sealer machines are designed in a way that liquids can be put under vacuum. The vacuum is also much stronger with a vacuum chamber sealer compared to a clamp machine.
Compressing fruits such as watermelon is often described on cooking books or on some blogs. I was very curious to see the result on the texture of the fruit and also on the flavor.

Fo my first try I took a green apple I have cut in thin slices. I added a bit of gin inside the pouch, set the vacuum chamber machine at the maximum and here is the result. A fantastics translucent apple slice. I have also particularly appreciated the combination apple/gin.

My other tries were watermelon, melon and banana with rhum ans sugar cane. As you will se bellow, colors of watermelon and melon are getting very intense. The visual effect is fantastic!

On these picture you will realize how different is the color of compressed melon and watermelon compared to uncompressed ones. The texture is also very different, especially for the melon.

Then, what about the flavor? In my opinion watermelon compression doesn’t improve the flavor. I have added in the pouch some watermelon juice as I though this would raise the flavor…but it didn’t work.

Melon was in my opinion more interesting. The texture was getting more compact than with watermelon and the color became incredibly orange. In the mouth the compressed melon was unfamiliar. I can’t say it was better than the uncompressed one but this was an interesting feeling.


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  • lennardy

    I’ve tried compressing watermelon, for a lack of a better word, the texture became alot more…. meaty

    How were the apple/gin slices?

  • Jean-François

    Hi Lennardy,

    First of all I want to congraculate you for your blog. You experiments are very interesting and your pictures are beautifull!
    Regarding my experiment with apple and gin, I was very suprised by the result. The combination of these 2 flavours was fantastic. The thinner the apple slice is (approx. 3 to 4 mm max.) the best visual effect you would have.


  • nicolas

    i am very impress by your website – wath are you doing with your fruits ? frezzing them ? or only for eating immediatllely ? sorry for my english because i am french – thank for your answer

  • Jean-François


    Bonjour, si tu le souhaites tu peux faire des commentaires sur la partie française de ce blog. Je vais donc répondre en Anglais à ta question.

    I am usually storing the fruits in the fridge before compressing them. After compression I keep the pouches in the fridge until consumption. I have never tried to freeze them.


  • Kirsty

    Dear JF/all
    How do you get over the use of plastic when vacuum packing? A genuine question as I’m struggling with the environmental ethics of it.
    help/advice appreciated


  • Jean-François

    Hi Kirsty,

    In France you have specific trash containers for plastic. This is where I put them.


  • Joel

    Try freezing and then thawing the compressed melon slices. It does something very cool to the texture, giving it a mouth feel similar to tuna sashimi.

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