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Heating a baby pool with an Immersion Circulator, Yes you can!

by on Jun.13, 2010, under General Topics

Who never dreamed of getting a bath that would be at the perfect and desired temperature? I want to reassure you, I have not tried my immersion circulator in my bath but I was sure this would work in a baby pool!!!

DANGER OF ELECTRIC SHOCK: Please keep in mind that you MUST NOT immerge an immersion circulator in a waterbath that would contain an human being, or an alive animal (if dead, better put the animal sous vide for better result ;-)

Today was a nice day in Paris but not warm enough for my little cousine to enjoy her baby pool on the balcony. Anyway she has insisted a lot to fill the pool and I did so, but the water coming out of the pipe was  cold. Then I had the option or to pour a big pan of hot water inside the baby pool or to use…my immersion circulator.

If you know Addelice Immersion Circulator you may know a float switch cuts the heater if the water level is too low. For the purpose of this post I blocked the float switch with a tape. I just had to take care the pump was immerged.

Herunder the result : a nice 31°C baby pool!


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Hey Mr Manager! Do you call this medium rare?

by on Apr.24, 2010, under General Topics

Some days ago I visited a friend of mine in Switzerland who proposed during my stay to go to a thermal bath. This place was great with a beautiful exterior bath, whirlpools, slides…and a steam-bath announced to be at 55°C.

Fifty five degrees, this number rang a bell in my obsessed sous vide cooking freak mind.
Would a piece of beef filet be cooked properly with a medium-rare doneness if stored sous vide in this 55°C steam-bath?
In theory yes! So why not trying it? My friend was very embarrassed and was not enthusiast bringing a cut of meat in a public area where hygiene is taken very seriously (Swiss people take very much care of hygiene, especially in a pool).
The day after we put under vacuum a very thin slice of beef filet (2 cm) and went back to the thermal bath.

We have hidden the pouch behind a post so that nobody finds it during 2:35  hours cooking time. According to Douglas Baldwin tables, a 20 mm cut of beef, should reach 55°C core temperature in 1:37.

Therefore we had to cool our pouch before bringing it back home to sear it and eat it. Kneipp therapy circuit help us for that purpose. Kiepp therapy consists of treatment with cold and warm water. One of the pool shown on the above picture is very cold (approx. 6°C).

Then we immersed our beef filet in this 6°C bath during 20 minutes…this was kind of funny because our pouch swam several times in the bath due to the water steam caused by the poeple walking inside. It was very difficult for me to fix it behind this pipe…and very embarrassing for my friend who was hiding himself in the whirlpool.

As you can see we planned everything, especially the insulated bag where to place the pouch on the way back home.

Unfortunately our beef filet did not reach our expectations. The meat was too raw and far from a medium-rare doneness. Nevertheless you’ll notice the meat is evenly cooked which is a good point. We have decided, for safety reasons, not to eat the meat.

Anyway we came to the conclusion that this steam-bath bath couldn’t be at 55°C.

Then, what is the next step? Making a complaint against the thermal bath? Asking for the manager and show him the proof that he cheats  on the temperature of the steam-bath? Hey Mr. Manager, do you call this medium rare?

Funny day.


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Worldwide data base of Sous Vide Cooking courses – Help requested

by on Dec.28, 2009, under General Topics

sous-vide-course_2I am currently gathering information about culinary instituts, universities, courses where you can learn sous vide cooking. Wherever you are located, feel free to post a comment with the country, name of the culinary school, internet site link…I’ll group this information and make a specific page about it in some weeks.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Lean & Fatty Fish for pasteurization purpose (Douglas Baldwin table)

by on Nov.10, 2009, under General Topics

fish-sous-vide-cookingLast time I cooked salmon sous vide I tried two different temperatures and cooking times, one to pasteurize the fish and one to cook a “mi-cuit” salmon. Baldwin guide mentions different tables for pasteurized fish. One for lean and one for fatty fish. Even though I knew salmon was a fatty fish I suddenly asked myself if a Bream or a Halibut were a lean or a fatty fish. I searched on internet and found interesting to share this information with you.






Low Fat Fish

Low Fat Fish Fat %
Alaska Pollack 0,4
Haddock 0,6
Pike 0,7
Flounder, Plaice 0,7
Perch 0,8
Cuttlefish 0,8
Pollack, Saithe 0,8

Middle Fat Fish & Shell Fish

Middle Fat Fish & Shell Fish Fat %
Zander, Pike-Perch 1
Langouste 1,1
Oyster 1,2
Mussel 1,3
Scampi 1,4
Sole 1,4
Turbot 1,7
Plaice 1,9
Lobster 1,9
Halibut 2,3
Hake 2,5
Trout 2,7
Catfish 2,8
Redfish, Ocean Perch  
Sardine, Pilchard 4,5
Carp 4,7
Bream 5,5

Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish Fat %
Mackerel 11,6
Salmon 13,3
Herring 15
Tuna 15,5
Herring 15
European Catfish 17
Eel 24,5


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A Practical Guide To Sous Vide Cooking of Douglas Baldwin now available in French and German

by on Oct.12, 2009, under Books, General Topics, Time and Accurate Temperature


Good news for sous vide enthusiast who are not comfortable with the English language. Douglas Baldwin “Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking” has been translated en French and German by Addélice. This guide is therefore available in 4 languages (incl. Portuguese).

We are also waiting for the launch of addélice immersion circulator (the Swid) that should be vailable in some days (addélice postponed several time the launch of the Swid but told me some days ago that it should be available within one week. For the record, the Swid should be at EUR 449 incl VAT and sending costs! 


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